OLBIS and Tuff Bullbars

OLBIS has recently been appointed Brisbane Central distributor for Tuff Bullbars. Tuff Bullbars is now widely regarded as the best manufacturer of bullbars in Australia, which has been achieved through building high quality product at a competitive price.

OLBIS General Manager, Scott Bischa states, “The introduction of Tuff Bullbars to our portfolio complements and expands our current offerings to our extensive client base. We are genuinely excited about the opportunities Tuff Bullbars will provide OLBIS in the new year.” Bischa expands with, “Once a Tuff company is up and running, several factors contribute to making it a success including the power of the Tuff name. Tuff companies are empowered to run their own affairs; however maintain a sense of community, with shared ideas, values, interests and goals. Our role is to be a consumer super hero.”

Tuff Bullbars Australia has forged a reputation for manufacturing the best protection equipment available. Tuff Bullbars Australia have one mission and that is, to use their combined expertise and knowledge to design and manufacture a quality product and to provide every customer an exceptional experience.