Mine & Gas Spec Truck Equipment

OLBIS Trade Civil Mine has a strong focus on the mine-spec market with customers ranging from dealerships, retail outlets, fit out companies, mine and gas contractors, end users and large corporations Australia wide.

We are distributors for many of the largest brands nationally in addition to designing and manufacturing selected mine-spec product including TCM safety flags, wheel chocks, call signs, wheel nut indicators, canvas seat covers, sticker sheets and first aid kits.

Product within the OLBIS Mine Spec Equipment portfolio include the following.

  • Portable IVMS
  • Fixed IVMS Installation
  • Custom IVMS reporting
  • Mobile Data Terminals
  • Driver ID systems
  • Driver behaviour monitors
  • Asset tracking – Lighting towers, Generators etc.
  • Satellite tracking systems
  • Next G tracking systems
  • Custom integration
  • IP rated trackers for plant equipment
  • Panic / Emergency Alarm
  • Custom solutions
  • Installation
  • Repairs & Servicing
  • Dedicated website – www.trackingvehicles.com.au

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Portable Extinguisher ABE Powder No Hose 1.0KG (G1ABESVB) HIGH


Olbis Trade Civil Mine provide mine spec equipment to major Commercial, Government, Construction, Gas and Mining projects throughout Queensland, Australia & Papua New Guinea. We also offer a comprehensive range of Plant equipment including lighting, power products and safety equipment.

We offer Trade and OEM pricing for our clients with 30 day end of month trading terms for approved customers. Olbis Trade Civil Mine also have dedicated sales representatives to attend to your requirements.